30DWC: Day 2

Today, I got up early to play squash; rushed home to shower and change, grabbed my camera gear and headed off to my nephew’s birthday party; got back and had a 30 minute nap on the sofa (because I’m getting old); sat down at my desk to do my weekly review; then had the idea to write a journal entry for each day of the writing challenge so I wrote my first entry; then headed out for a game of Badminton with the family, before finally sitting down to eat dinner with my wife.

All that to say that it was 7pm and I hadn’t written a word towards my writing goal. So I poured myself a whisky – which is what I imagine my favourite authors doing – and sat down infront of my keyboard.

I’ve been thinking about the book I’m writing all day. There’s a big problem I’ve been grappling with for a while. I know roughly what I want to say and I have some ideas that I’ve cobbled together over the past few months, but I don’t yet have clarity on the idea. The book isn’t crystal clear in my mind.

A few friends have asked what the book is about and my answer is often waffly. I haven’t nailed the elevator pitch.

The problem, I think, is because I’m over-complicating things. I need to strip back the idea and simplify. I need to unpick the core message and ignore the ideas on the periphery.

I wasn’t feeling any of the chapter titles I’d written down yesterday, so, rather than writing another chapter, I created an empty document with the title “scratchpad”.

I wrote a few paragraphs on who the book is for and how it would help them. This helped free me up.

Next I wrote about the core premise of the book and a few examples to back up the premise. I think those examples will end up being chapters. There’s a lot expounding to do.

So, not the most productive day, and I still have a ton of work in figuring out the core message of the book, but I’m glad I sat in the chair and did some writing.

I need to sleep on it. The alarm is set for 6am. See you tomorrow.

Words written: 960
Total words: 1791

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