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I’m Marc Jenkins, a WordPress specialist based in Birmingham, UK.

I run a small web consulting studio where I build fast and beautiful websites. I like to work with businesses and individuals that are passionate about what they do.

I write regularly on my blog and I send out a monthly newsletter to 400+ people about freelancing, productivity, creativity, and more.

I started a Slack-powered community of over 200 web professionals called inline-block.

My history and background

I was lucky. I knew what I wanted to do as a job before I left school. 13 or so years later and I’m still doing it. That is, I design and build websites for a living.

The first website I ever built was a fansite for Command & Conquer, a real-time strategy game I spent way too much time playing. The site was built with tables using a programme called Microsoft FrontPage. It was terrible. But the website got over 1,000 hits (it was the good ole when hit counters were a thing) and I was hooked. I loved every second that I worked on that site.

And I still love what I do to this day. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure to work with some of the world’s leading brands where I’ve had the opportunity to sharpen my skills as a web designer and developer. I’ve worked on projects for Mitie, Debenhams, National Express, Royal Albert Hall, and many more.

In 2011, I started blogging and that’s when I found a love for writing. In the intervening years, I’ve openly shared what I know and that has taught me the power of authenticity. The more I’ve shared, the more I’ve got back.

I’m a huge advocate for writing. I think it’s good for the soul. It doesn’t matter if it’s a personal journal entry or a public blog post. Writing is therapeutic. It helps clear your mind and helps you think. And it’s a great way to help others, too. Because I’ve found it so useful, I often encourage others to write more and that’s why I started the 30 Day Writing Challenge back in 2016.

I also started inline-block, a friendly Slack-powered community consisting of frontend and backend developers, UX and UI designers, digital marketers, and more. While many online communities are focused around specific roles or tools, what makes inline-block unique is the diverse mix of experience and skills. It’s a great place to learn from others and ask questions or to share your work and get feedback.

After hours, I can often be found reading a good book or drinking a wee dram of whisky. I have a small-but-growing whisky collection, and my favourite is Lagavulin 16. I enjoy travelling to different parts of the globe with my wife, camera in hand.

I’m also an avid motorsport fan and have followed Formula One since I was a youngster. I know pretty much every corner of every track on the current F1 calendar. That’s too many racing games for you. I’ve never attended a Grand Prix though (it’s on my bucket list).

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