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What I’m doing now

As someone who has worked from home for the past 5 years, who has their own home office in a spare bedroom, and as someone who doesn’t have kids, you’d think I’d be able to continue working as if nothing had changed. But you’d be wrong.

I started to wake up to just how serious The Situation was in early March, watching with sadness as it began to spread quickly in Italy.

While the UK-wide lockdown hasn’t impacted my routine all that much, the stress and anxiety of the situation has really had an impact on my ability to focus.

I was quick to realise the gravitas of the situation, but slow to adjust to the stress, anxiety, fear, and concern that I was suddenly feeling. It has taken me a few weeks to get my shit together.

I’m now focused on my daily habits. I know these habits are good for my mind and body, and so my primary task every day is to complete as many as I am able. I also keep reminding myself that it’s the time to be kind to myself and recognise that I’m not going to have ‘normal’ days.

My daily habits are important because: 1) I still need to work to keep my business alive and to pay the bills, 2) when I’m focused on something, it provides a welcome distraction from what is going, and 3) I need to be fit and healthy, both physically and mentally, to be in a position to help my family, friends and clients when they need it.

Here are the habits I’m working on to get me through each day:

  • Deep work: 4×40 mins (pomodoro timers), 3x week
  • Learning: 1hr, 1x week
  • Reading: 30m, every weekday
  • Writing: 30m, every weekday
  • Journal in Roam, every weekday
  • Workday shutdown routine, every weekday
  • Daily meditation (I’m using Waking Up)
  • Close activity rings (Apple Watch), 5x week
  • No alcohol, 5x week
  • Gratitude, every weekday

A few others things I’m doing now:

  • Client work via my consulting business. I have some availability if you need WordPress expertise.
  • Creating a marketing plan for said consulting business. I’m trying to use some of the gaps in my working schedule wisely.
  • Reading Twitter/news less frequently (morning/evening)
  • Speaking to family and friends as much as possible (the silver lining is I’m chatting to friends weekly who I hadn’t spoken to in months).
  • Preparing to get a puppy in a few weeks.

I’m currently reading:

Updated: April 2020

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