Roadmap for my website

This page contains the things I’m working on or thinking about for this website.

In progress

  • Add an index page that lists all posts

Completed tasks

  • Add tags to posts (27th June, 2020)
  • Switch to Fathom Analytics (25th June, 2020)
  • Add “linked references” to the footer of posts (25th June, 2020)
  • Style <code> and <pre> blocks (22nd June, 2020)
  • Add modified dates to posts and pages (21st June, 2020)
  • Add anchor tags to headings (21st June, 2020)


  • Include pages in linked references (currently only lists posts)
  • Mobile responsive improvements (mostly the site header)
  • Fix newsletter page styling
  • Add content to contact page
  • Rewrite content on about page
  • Add dark mode
  • Improve tag archive pages

This page was inspired by Dave Redfern. If you have own site, you should make one too.